Liebert/Baytech MP Power Strip + MRTG

I had picked up a Baytech MP power strip recently, and wanted to monitor it with MRTG.
For $1, I got a Cisco DE9-RJ45 cable (blue). Because I’m lazy, I just cut it halfway and connected the relevant wires.

Pin mapping:

RJ45 side DE-9 side Actual DE-9 pin Signal
2 4 5 Ground
4 3 2 TXD (Device to Host)
5 6 3 RXD (Host to Device)

Connection seems to be 9600 Baud, N-8-1.
I got a command prompt, and you can enter “status” to view the current data, with output like this:

Average Power: 107 Watts
True RMS Voltage: 120.7 Volts
True RMS Current: 1.2 Amps
Maximum Detected: 2.1 Amps

This can be easily retrieved and split for logging with MRTG or any other app.

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