About Me

My name is Ben Loomis. I live in Silicon Valley, and work on computers.

Ham Radio

I have been a licensed Amateur (Ham) Radio operator since 1998. I currently have the call sign N6BRL, with General class privileges. My previous callsigns are KG6BNL (1999-2019) and KF6SPH (1998-1999)

Social Media

None of these are particularly active.
Twitter: @czarcats
Flickr: czarcats
Mastodon: @ben@beeslink.com

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  1. I recently bought netgear gs108e. I am wondering if netgear uses the same hardware as the gs108t. Would you mind sending me a high res picture of the gs108t motherboard? If they are identical then it should be possible to run gs108t firmware on the gs108e.


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